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Mainland Janitorial Services is a family owned enterprise contributing more than 20 years of service to the lower mainland, keeping homes and businesses clean. We are fully insured and bonded

Are you ready to take back clean?

Drop every day chores into the rags and buckets of Mainland Janitorial.We’re ready and waiting to make your space the cleanest it’s ever been!.A clean work space increases productivity and inspires fresh ideas.A clean home offers peace of mind and a welcome place to unwind.To be the best house and office cleaners you will ever invite in.Do you ever come up the office stairs and think "there's more fingerprints on these handrails than the local detachment sees in a year?".Do you dare not move the keyboard in fear of an allergy attack?.When you finally get home, do the bathroom and kitchen greet you screaming "Clean me?".There is only so much time in a day. When the majority is spent dealing with phone calls, emails, interruptions and personal commitments, often all that's left over is bed time.

So why waste more mental energy?



Call now. Get back to the bright side.

carpet cleaning Vancouver

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