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Mainland Janitorial Services is a family owned enterprise contributing more than 20 years of service to the lower mainland, keeping homes and businesses clean. We are fully insured and bonded

Are you ready to take back clean?

Drop every day chores into the rags and buckets of Mainland Janitorial.We’re ready and waiting to make your space the cleanest it’s ever been!.A clean work space increases productivity and inspires fresh ideas.A clean home offers peace of mind and a welcome place to unwind.To be the best house and office cleaners you will ever invite in.Do you ever come up the office stairs and think "there's more fingerprints on these handrails than the local detachment sees in a year?".Do you dare not move the keyboard in fear of an allergy attack?.When you finally get home, do the bathroom and kitchen greet you screaming "Clean me?".There is only so much time in a day. When the majority is spent dealing with phone calls, emails, interruptions and personal commitments, often all that's left over is bed time.

So why waste more mental energy?

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Commercial cleaning services vancouver

Mainland Janitorial Services Puts the Fun into Cleaning

Let’s face it; no one really wants to pour their elbow grease into every nook and cranny, scrubbing away until every square millimetre of your home, building, office or construction site is clean enough for the Queen of English to eat from. That’s not the case with Mainland Janitorial Services, where we focus on customer satisfaction to create a vibrant corporate culture that has us at the top when it comes to janitorial services in Vancouver. And that’s fun! You see, we take great pride in meeting the needs of our clients. Each member of our staff understands what it takes to stand out from the competition among cleaners in Vancouver. When starting the firm, we thought first about what the client wants, and then we used those concepts to set the framework on which to launch our company. We know you want an individual or a team to tackle the annoying janitorial tasks that are getting in the way of you focusing on more important matters, like family or business. Our team wants to complete home or commercial cleaning in Vancouver efficiently and effectively. We see each project as our opportunity to take the burden off your shoulders. After all, each employee has a stake in the success of our business. This means everyone wants to perform well for the team, and for the company as a whole. We will be in and out of your home and business in as little time as possible to ensure the task is completed efficiently.

House Cleaning

hire only the most hardworking house cleaners in Vancouver. Whether you need a weekly cleaning service to come to your home, or you have a major cleaning project after a house party with family and friends, we are here to help. Leave the stress and burden of tidying and scrubbing your home to us.

Janitorial Services

Mainland Janitorial Services, we have the products and equipment for commercial cleaning in Vancouver. We are here if you need us to clean your building around the clock. We can also have a staff member to come in during the overnight hours so that your building is sparkling each morning. This is how we are quite possibly the best at providing janitorial services in Vancouver. When it comes to commercial cleaning services in Vancouver, Mainland Janitorial Services knows what it takes to ensure your premises is sparkling.

Construction Cleaning

Construction projects can be a lot of work, which makes hiring a team that can keep up with the demand for a solid work ethic vitally important. You can hire us to rid you of masses of construction rubble. We can come in overnight so you can return to a clean work site, or we can work seamlessly alongside you during the day. Construction cleaning in Vancouver is one of our specialities.

Office Cleaning

Mainland Janitorial Services is Vancouver’s best commercial cleaning and office cleaning company. We offer a complete range of Office cleaning services in Vancouver for any-size business Office. We try to keep your Vancouver office clean, healthy, and looking great. Our fully dedicated Office cleaning staff knows that every project is different and requires a customized approach to full feel your needs.

Where’s the Fun?

The fun part about our services is that we have a sense of accomplishment when we finish your project well and on time. We have fun when our clients are happy, so help us put the fun into cleaning and order your service today.

Call now. Get back to the bright side.

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